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The Prince and the Thane - Information and downloads Empty The Prince and the Thane - Information and downloads

Post by Solo on Sat Jun 01, 2013 3:05 am

The Prince and the Thane - Information and downloads Forumt2512

The Team



New interface and graphics
A whole range of new traits gainable both through education and dedicated events
New guelph vs. ghibellines system, with related traits, historical characters and events
A new and more accurate set of both historical and randomly generated coats of arms
More than 100 famous historical characters fully implemented with a chance to welcome them to your court
New holy orders creation system and many new orders and mercs
Heretical religion heads and smarter heresies
New templar system
Lots of new flavour and everyday life events
Extended everyday decisions and events
Jewish communities and religion fully implemented, with three separate cultures (ashkenazi, mizrahi and sephardic)
Many new cultures and 'melting pot' events
Lots of new decisions to implement historical reforms in selected kingdoms and empires
Many new plots and ambitions
More religious depth with many dedicated events
Many more intrigue and romance opportunities and dedicated event chains
Many new everyday and historical decisions
Completely new building system
Many new bookmarks
Extended map with more provinces
New education system
Many new kingdoms and empires
More economic flavour with the addition of the maritime republics and the hanseatic league
Deadlier wars and sieges with dedicated events and decisions
New cardinal and papal election system
Many culturally differentiated laws
New dowry on marriage system
New peerage of england system
New fealty and civil war system
New combat tactics and many battle events that influence the outcomes themselves
Many relic dedicated events with hunts for the grail and the shroud with the chance to build a temple in their honor
General effort to achieve balance, realism and immersion

Download link

Current version : 2.1.2, compatible with Crusader Kings II 1.092)

The Prince and the Thane - Download @ mediafire

Mod trailer by dorimi @ youtube

Credits & special thanks to (in no particular order)

pierreluc2012, Solo?, Zaldax, apg, zeress, Cabezaestufa, knuckey, Rodri, dorimi, Sunspear, Galle, Zarine, Ran Miller, dauncosony, Amun Nefer, jordarkelf, Aspie, avee, Pothkan, Keanon, Wiz, ash001, Mr. Capiatlist, sergeant113, Reijo, Jamie550, James009, Brown111, Taijian, neondt, Syren, Van Diemen, Birger, Grell74, the_hdk, duinnin, Maestro Ugo, Polskers, EOOQE, Sniggles, chatnoir17, RhoDaZZ, karelian, cybrxkhan

Credits for the beautiful SWMH map
The Prince and the Thane integrated the core SWMH map up until their version 2.74

Il Moro, Elvain, Axl Madness, Aasmul

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informations about releases, beta tests and new plans

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The Prince and the Thane - Information and downloads Empty Re: The Prince and the Thane - Information and downloads

Post by Zeeg on Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:48 am

in my opinion best ck2 mod ever, can't wait for the next update cheers cheers 

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