Gameplay balance - Health and mortality

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Gameplay balance - Health and mortality

Post by Solo on Wed May 15, 2013 2:11 pm

So this is the ongoing discussion right now on the official forum.

Points I see as importants (I'll edit the post with more later) :

- I think like Idib that nothing should be as easy as putting a children in the belly of your wife and be done with it. There should be a degressive toll on the children.

- I don't see natural death as the answer. It's not very flexible, only allowing settings things by decade. It's also not very interactive, people die just like that and not terribly realistic in the first place.

- I don't think education should provide health. It encourages gamey tactics and isn't realistic in the first place and breaks the balance between different people. Those should be redistributed another way.

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Re: Gameplay balance - Health and mortality

Post by Cèsar de Quart on Wed May 15, 2013 7:21 pm

There are two periods of danger for a male child:

- From birth to 5, when he's more vulnerable to illness and "natural cause of death".

- From 13 to 20, when he's usually a squire in some knight's retinue or some lord's court. Or in your own. Here he's exposed to accidents.

After 20, he'll die much more easily, but of wounds, doing what knights errant do: brawl and tourney. But now he's old enough to leave a bastard or two, or marry. But that's another issue.

I'd propose to have these two distinct causes of death: natural for when he's up to 5 (10 if it's set for decades), only renamed into "illness"; and then some events to recreate wounds and accidents and eventual illnesses. The child has cut himself while climbing, while fighting, while swimmign, an animal bit him, he ate a strange mushroom, he ate some dog crap, he stole his preceptor's arms and armour and played crusaders with his friend, and one of them stabbed the other for real... these kinds of things.

But I'll remark what I said in the main forum: If I had to bet, I'd put all my money on children dying in the 0 to 5 period of life. That's where kids died the most, even noble born babies.
Cèsar de Quart

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Re: Gameplay balance - Health and mortality

Post by Naoki on Fri May 17, 2013 10:18 pm

Only that in TPTT after 13the child is already considered adult, so technically the chances of death would be the same as those after the age of 20

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Re: Gameplay balance - Health and mortality

Post by idib816 on Sat May 18, 2013 9:50 pm

Unfortunately the death chances are coded per decade, and I can't change that. Anyhow the really increased one is only the one for the first decade, which is anyways around 5%, so not such a high value.

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Re: Gameplay balance - Health and mortality

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